How to Download Tiktok Video without Posting?

If you have meticulously edited TikTok videos saved in drafts or privately, you might wish to download them without sharing with others. How can you download TikTok videos without making them public? Alternatively, how can you download private TikTok videos without any added watermarks? Don’t worry! This article has brought several methods to help. Just read and get them now!


Advantages of Preserving and Downloading TikTok Drafts

Saving and downloading TikTok drafts offers numerous advantages that can enhance your TikTok content creation:

  1. Exploration Freedom: By saving your video as a draft, you gain the freedom to experiment with various editing techniques, filters, and effects without the worry of making errors.
  2. Flexible Planning: Drafts allow you to work on your videos at your own pace. You can record multiple videos at once and save them as drafts, then take your time to edit and post them according to your schedule.
  3. Posting Consistency: Maintaining a collection of drafts helps ensure consistency in posting, which is crucial for building and retaining an audience on TikTok.
  4. Storage Management: Downloading drafts to your device guarantees you have a copy of your video even if you delete it from TikTok. Additionally, it aids in managing storage space on your device as downloaded videos can be transferred to external storage devices.

How to Download TikTok Video Without Posting?

Everyone adores videos, each with their own motive for saving them. Some seek to create a personal offline library for viewing or to privately share videos with friends. For business owners or marketers, saving videos can serve as reference points. Aspiring TikTokers may delight in collecting trending works or new videos from their idols for inspiration.

Regardless of the reason, downloading TikTok videos without posting them poses no challenge. If you've been considering this but aren't quite sure how to proceed, here are three methods:

1、Directly download from TikTok.

Downloading TikTok videos within the app is the easiest method. Simply press and hold your finger on the video, then select the Save button from the menu that appears. If the Save option isn't visible, the video may be set to private by the creator.Once downloaded, public videos can be found in your phone's gallery or camera roll. You can keep them for personal viewing or share them privately or on other social platforms.

If you prefer to save only a portion of the video as a GIF, you can do so by tapping the Share button and selecting Share as GIF from the options.Remember that downloading videos directly from TikTok will add watermarks. In-app downloads are available only on mobile devices, both Apple and Android.

2、Capture a screenshot of the video.

Screen-recording TikTok videos as they play, whether on mobile or desktop, adds a watermark to the recorded video. However, this method poses challenges. Cropping out the watermark without affecting the video can be tricky, leading to quality issues like distortion. Furthermore, the recorded video may appear blurry, play slowly, and have synchronization problems.

3、Use a download link

Downloading a video via a link is another convenient option provided by TikTok. While it involves a few more steps compared to in-app downloads, it's still a straightforward process that takes only a minute or two. Here's how it works:

  1. Open TikTok.
  2. Select the video you want to download.
  3. Tap Share, then choose Copy Link.
  4. Paste the copied link into your browser and initiate the download.
  5. The video typically downloads to your device's default folder, as determined by the browser.

However, you can manually set a default folder through your browser's settings. Similar to direct in-app downloads, videos saved via a download link will contain watermarks. This method is compatible with both mobile devices and desktops.

How to Download Private TikTok Video Without WaterMark?

You're familiar with downloading TikTok videos without directly posting them using your own account within the TikTok app. However, when you publish a video as private, the downloaded TikTok video automatically includes added watermarks. Therefore, if you seek to download TikTok videos without posting and without any watermarks, you'll require assistance from a robust video downloader like AIsaver Downloader.

AIsaver Downloader is a powerful tool designed to assist users in downloading multiple videos and playlists from TikTok. It provides a free version of its services, ensuring that downloaded videos remain free from any watermarks.

Key Features:

  • Offers a free version for TikTok video downloads, ensuring no watermarks are added.
  • Performing face swapping on TikTok videos.
  • Provides proxy setup for downloading TikTok videos from any country without restrictions.

Now, also see how to operate AISaver TikTok Downloader to download private TikTok videos without watermarks added within several steps.

Step 1. Copy Private TikTok Video URL

Step 2. Pasting the URL to the search bar in AIsaver and clicking the "Start Now" button.

Step 3.Clicking the "Save without water video" button.

By following the three steps mentioned above, you can obtain a watermark-free version of the TikTok video.

FAQs about Downloading TikTok Video Without Posting

1、Is it Possible to Preserve TikTok Videos Prior to Posting?

To save a TikTok video before posting, you can either record it or publish it privately as the article suggests. However, both methods will add watermarks to the video. For a watermark-free TikTok download, consider using AIsaver Downloader.

2、Why Can't I Find My TikTok Drafts?

Unlike published TikTok videos, which are saved directly to TikTok servers, TikTok video drafts are only saved locally on your devices until they're posted. This means that if you switch devices or clear the local TikTok app data, the drafts will be unexpectedly deleted. To ensure your TikTok videos are accessible across devices, it's better to post them as private videos first.

3、How do I save a TikTok draft to my camera roll?

Launch TikTok and begin creating your video. When your video is prepared, tap the "Next" button. On the "Post" screen, instead of selecting "Post," choose "Drafts" to save your video as a draft.


This article covers various methods to download TikTok videos without posting them. For watermark-free TikTok video downloads, AIsaver Downloader is recommended as the optimal solution.