Experience Video Face Swapping with Various Templates

Swap Faces in Video With One Click

With our tool, video face swapping becomes effortlessly simple. Upload your video, and our AI seamlessly detects the faces. With a single click, swap faces and behold! Return later to enjoy your amusingly transformed video.

Swap Faces and Laugh with Friends

Upload your photos to swap faces. Be whoever you want to be! Make memes and funny viral content. Share with your friends and get a good laugh with the most based face swap out there.

Transform into a Movie Star with Face Swapping

Ever dreamed of starring in your favorite movie scenes? Now, with our face swapping technology, you can effortlessly paste your face onto the main character. Bring legendary scenes to life with your personal touch!

AI Video Face Swap FAQs

What is AI Face Swapping?

AI Face Swapping uses algorithms to switch faces from photo to video. It scans and matches facial features, then blends them to look natural.

How does the BasedLabs Face Swap tool work?

Our tool uses advanced AI algorithms to seamlessly swap faces in videos, ensuring realistic and natural-looking results.

Is the video face swapper easy to use?

Yes, our intuitive interface allows anyone to seamlessly swap faces in videos with just a few clicks. Simply upload a video and replace faces instantly.

How realistic do the results look?

Our advanced AI generates high-quality face swaps that appear very natural and seamless. It is important to note that as AI technology is continuously evolving, there may be some instability, but we are committed to constant improvement to provide the best experience.