5 Best Websites to Download TikTok Audio in 2024

download tiktok audio

In a time when short-form content reigns supreme on social media, TikTok stands out as the frontrunner, captivating millions with its captivating videos and soundtracks. Whether you're a content creator seeking to remix audio or simply wish to preserve a particularly catchy tune, acquiring the skill of downloading TikTok audio is invaluable.

This guide will lead you through multiple straightforward methods to extract audio from TikTok, empowering you to unlock your creative potential without hassle.


What is TikTok Audio?

download tiktok audio

Audio plays a crucial role in shaping the TikTok experience, with viral tracks, trending sounds, and curated playlists permeating the platform's 1 billion-strong user base.

Consequently, there exists a significant demand among users interested in extracting TikTok audio without the accompanying visuals.

TikTok audio is renowned for its diversity; the next viral sensation could emerge at any moment. By utilizing a downloader, users gain the ability to preserve their favorite audio tracks. Moreover, top-notch downloaders offer customization options, allowing users to tailor and remix TikTok audio to suit their preferences, potentially leading to the creation of viral content. Keep an eye out for editing features – your modified audio might just become the next big hit!

Factors to Evaluate When Selecting Websites for Downloading TikTok Audio

When seeking out suitable websites to download TikTok audio from, it's crucial to take various factors into consideration. Let's explore some of the key criteria to bear in mind.


Begin by examining the online reviews and ratings of the websites under consideration. This will provide insights into the experiences of previous customers with each site, helping you gauge their reliability and user satisfaction.


Compatibility Ensure to verify whether a particular tool or program is compatible with the device(s) you intend to use. Failing to do so may result in wasted time with an incompatible website or program, so it's essential to double-check this aspect.


Evaluate the functionality of each option and determine whether they align with your requirements in terms of available formats, resolutions, and additional features. If the option to download subtitles is important to you, be sure to confirm whether any given website or tool offers this functionality.

Top Websites Choices for Downloading TikTok Audio

These websites offer user-friendly interfaces and reliable services for extracting audio from TikTok videos. It's important to explore each option and consider factors such as reviews, device compatibility, and functionality to determine the best fit for your needs.


AISaver is a robust and free AI tool crafted to assist users in downloading TikTok audio and video content from any website. Whether your aim is to amass your favorite music collection or store online videos for later viewing, AI Saver is up to the task.

Equipped with intelligent recognition and analysis capabilities, AI Saver can effortlessly extract audio and video resources from a diverse array of websites. With just a few simple steps, you can preserve your preferred music as high-quality MP3 files or download cherished videos locally, ensuring easy access even without an internet connection.

Furthermore, AISaver boasts intelligent recognition and filtering features, automatically shielding users from advertisements and extraneous content, guaranteeing the purity of downloaded music and video files. Additionally, it supports breakpoint continuation functionality, enabling uninterrupted downloads even in the event of interruptions or network issues, seamlessly resuming the process upon reconnection without the need to restart.

In essence, AISaver emerges as a potent and pragmatic AI tool, offering users convenient access to music and video downloads.

download tiktok audio
  1. Copy Video Link: Copy the URL of the video you wish to download.
  2. Visit AI Saver: Navigate to the AISaver website or launch the application.
  3. Paste Link: Paste the copied video URL into the designated area on the AISaver interface.
  4. Initiate Download: Begin the download process by clicking the download button or relevant command to prompt AISaver's intelligent analysis platform.
  5. Click to download audio: Select the "Download Audio" button from the provided options.
download tiktok audio
download tiktok audio


For a reliable and secure solution to download TikTok audio, consider utilizing DmSAVE's online TikTok to MP3 converter. This web-based tool offers free access, eliminating the requirement for software installation while ensuring high-definition TikTok audio. With just a simple paste of the video link, the file will be promptly saved to your device in MP3 format. Moreover, DmSAVE extends its capabilities beyond TikTok, providing the ability to fetch videos from over a dozen other social media platforms.

download tiktok audio


SnapDownloader simplifies the process of downloading videos and audio from over 900 platforms, including TikTok. This versatile tool supports a variety of file formats such as MP3s, MP4s, WAVs, and WMAs. With SnapDownloader, users can enjoy high-speed downloads of both video and audio content, making it ideal for those who frequently download large volumes of TikTok audio.

download tiktok audio


The iTubeGo service is accessible across Windows, Mac, and Android platforms, offering seamless compatibility for users. Downloading TikTok audio via iTubeGo is incredibly straightforward, allowing you to convert to audio with the highest quality, reaching up to 320kbps in MP3 format. Additionally, iTubeGo provides a private video mode feature, enabling users to download video and music files securely into a password-protected folder.

download tiktok audio

EaseUS Video Downloader

Embedded within the platform is a video-to-mp3 converter, designed to effortlessly extract audio from videos. This feature seamlessly converts the audio into mp3 format, offering options for bitrates at 320kbps, 256kbps, and 128kbps. As a result, your audio and music are swiftly transformed into formats compatible with your devices, ensuring playback convenience within minutes.

download tiktok audio


In this guide, we've explored the top tools and programs for downloading TikTok audio in 2024. We've also delved into the criteria for selecting the right option for your needs and provided guidance on how to download TikTok audio.

Now that you're equipped with this knowledge, why not give AISaver a try today? It's free to use and allows you to easily download your favorite TikTok clips as audio. Plus, AISaver offers the added convenience of downloading videos or audio from over 900 other websites, including popular platforms like Facebook, Reddit, and Instagram!

Additionally, respect the privacy and intellectual property of TikTok creators when using their content. Happy downloading!