How to Remove TikTok Watermark in 2024[4 Simple Ways]

remove tiktok watermark

Upon downloading a TikTok video, you'll observe the presence of a watermark. This insignia can become particularly irksome if it obstructs crucial content within the video. Moreover, it can pose challenges when attempting to share the video across platforms such as Instagram Reels or YouTube Shorts. Thankfully, numerous methods exist to remove the TikTok watermark.

If your TikTok videos are garnering attention, don't allow the pesky watermark to hinder you from sharing them on other platforms. Maximize your video content creation potential by employing a TikTok watermark remover.

Rest assured, you won't need any intricate TikTok video editing skills to accomplish this.


What is the TikTok Watermark?

A TikTok watermark consists of the TikTok logo and the username of the original creator overlaid onto a TikTok video.

The small logo overlaid on top, often seen bouncing around during playback, serves a crucial purpose: ensuring proper attribution for the content. This watermark includes both the TikTok logo and the original creator's username, safeguarding both creators and the platform itself.

However, if you're contemplating how to remove the TikTok watermark, it's important to recognize that doing so is unethical. Yet, if you own the video and seek to share it on other platforms to broaden your audience, we're about to unveil some ingenious methods to remove the TikTok watermark seamlessly. So, if you're eager to learn these techniques, stay tuned as we delve into them further!

What's the Significance of Learning to Remove the TikTok Watermark?

As previously discussed, it's important to have valid reasons for removing the TikTok watermark. Below are some ethical justifications for doing so:

  1. Sharing: You might wish to share your TikTok content on alternative platforms like Instagram, Twitter, or WhatsApp, sans the distracting TikTok watermark. This presents your content in a cleaner, more professional manner, without risking demotion by the platform's algorithm.
  2. Curating Favorites: If there are specific TikTok videos you're fond of and wish to preserve in your collection of favorites, removing the watermark ensures they appear genuinely yours, rather than being attributed to someone else.
  3. Compilation Creation: Planning to compile your TikTok videos into a cohesive collection? Removing watermarks from each video can enhance the overall polish and coherence of your compilation.
  4. Personal Use: Some TikTok users simply enjoy downloading videos for personal viewing or sharing with close friends. For these users, a watermark-free video can provide a more enjoyable viewing experience.

4 Ways to Remove TikTok Watermark

remove tiktok watermark

Magnify to adjust the video frame

You have the option to utilize either the pre-installed app or third-party tools for video editing. Regardless of whether you own an Apple or Android device, the process of using the pre-installed app remains essentially the same. If you opt to download a new editing application, you can simply follow its instructions to crop the video. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to crop to remove the TikTok watermark, applicable for both iOS and Android:

  1. Open the Photos app and select the TikTok video you've downloaded, then tap on "Edit."
  2. Tap on the Crop icon and adjust the shape of the box to eliminate the TikTok watermark. You have the option to choose between square, 16:9 (the optimal aspect ratio for TikTok), or 3:2 to crop your preferred video.
  3. Once you've made the necessary adjustments, tap "Done" to save your edited video.

Apply a frame to the video.

Certainly, employing any basic editing tool on your phone or computer allows you to incorporate a border or frame around your video, effectively concealing the TikTok watermark.

However, similar to the limitations of cropping, applying a border around a video has its drawbacks. Primarily, it tends to detract from the visual appeal, covering a significant portion of the video. This can result in the unintentional removal of crucial parts of the video, thereby diminishing its overall professionalism and quality. Nevertheless, despite these shortcomings, adding a border remains a straightforward and efficient method, especially for videos where the watermark's presence minimally affects the core content.

In essence, while adding a border may not always be the optimal solution due to its potential to detract from the video's quality, it serves as a convenient workaround for scenarios where the watermark's impact on the primary content is minimal.

Obscure the TikTok watermark in the video

Eliminating the TikTok watermark can also be achieved through techniques such as blurring it with a logo or overlaying it with text, both feasible on computer programs and mobile apps. Simply launch any video editing application, pick a preferred logo or text to obscure the watermark, then drag it onto the overlay track and adjust its duration accordingly.

In instances where the watermark overlaps with crucial content in your video, blurring it rather than outright removal may be necessary. Utilizing an online blurring tool, pinpoint the area where the TikTok watermark is situated. Subsequently, superimpose a smaller video segment atop the original watermark.

This approach hinges on the utilization of third-party applications or tools capable of applying a blurring effect to the watermark. However, it's essential to note that multiple instances of the blur effect may be required in various locations to effectively mask the watermark, especially considering its dynamic movement throughout the video, resulting in the appearance of multiple blurred areas around the video frame.

Use a TikTok Watermark Remover App

A multitude of applications boast the ability to eliminate TikTok watermarks from your videos. These apps often offer features that facilitate the automatic creation of TikTok content. Simply save your videos from TikTok and import them into the watermark remover tool. Within moments, the tool can seamlessly eradicate watermarks from your videos, preserving their quality.

Similarly, when you require TikTok images sans watermarks, you can download them and utilize a photo watermark remover app to achieve this without compromising image quality.

It's important to note that while many of these apps are available, not all are free of charge. Additionally, the effectiveness of watermark removal may vary depending on the software used, necessitating thorough research prior to downloading.

How to Download a TikTok Video Without the Watermark

What could be better than removing watermarks? The ideal scenario is to save the video without the TikTok watermark in the first place!

If you're interested in saving TikTok videos without the watermark, there are excellent online tools available for that purpose. These tools can download any TikTok video for you without the watermark, and they operate in a similar manner. Let's showcase one of them as an example. The most commonly used ones include:

Let’s show you the process of one of them to give you an idea. We’ll be using AISaver this time.

  1. Select the video you want to save from the TikTok app on your phone or computer.
  2. Select the "Share" button.
  3. Select "Copy Link".
  4. Go to the AISaver video downloader.
  5. Paste the link into the  search bar in AIsaver.
  6. Click on "Start Now" .
  7. The video of your choice will be downloaded to your device, without a watermark.
remove tiktok watermark

Here are some key features of these online TikTok video download tools:

  1. Watermark-Free: Their primary advantage is the ability to provide TikTok videos without any watermarking.
  2. High-Quality Videos: These tools ensure that the downloaded videos maintain TikTok's original quality, eliminating blurry or choppy images. This surpasses the results achieved through cropping.
  3. Speed and Efficiency: Users can swiftly access the download option without navigating through multiple pages. It's straightforward and readily available upon visiting the website, requiring only the TikTok video URL.
  4. Compatibility: These apps can be used by anyone, regardless of whether they use an Android, iPhone, or computer. Videos can be downloaded from these remarkable TikTok watermark remover platforms on any device.
  5. Free of Charge: Unlike many apps and editing software, these online tools are completely free to use. What more could you ask for?


Although TikTok's watermark is essential for attributing credit where it's due, it can become bothersome when you aim to share your creativity on other platforms. In this guide on how to eliminate TikTok watermarks, we've delved into several methods to address this issue, ranging from cropping the video to utilizing a TikTok watermark removal app or online tools like AISaver.

Removing the watermark enhances engagement, rendering your videos more shareable and appealing to your audience. Whether you're a content creator seeking to showcase your talent or intending to monetize your TikTok content, these watermark-free videos will serve as your assets.

Keep in mind that amidst the numerous options provided for removing TikTok watermarks, the most effective TikTok watermark remover is the one that suits your needs. Hence, explore the methods we've outlined and determine which aligns best with your requirements.