How to Use a Video Face Swapping Tool for Free?

free video face swap

Tired of taking selfies every day? Add some fun to your photos by swapping faces! Swap with your best friend or even your pet's face to grab attention in a whole new way and share your memories.

This free face swap tool allows you to effortlessly replace your own face in videos with someone else's face, without requiring any editing skills.AISaver provides a seamless editing experience while letting you experiment with different faces to your heart's content.


What is video face swapping?

Video face swapping utilizes AI to seamlessly replace one person's face in a video with another person's face. This means using advanced computer programs to combine the face and expressions of one person onto another person's body. These programs study and adjust facial features to create a seamless blend between the two individuals.

The technology enables realistic and convincing transformations in videos, serving purposes such as entertainment and creative projects. However, video face swapping can be used for deceptive or malicious purposes if not used responsibly.

Why is video face swapping so popular?

Video face swapping has gained popularity for several reasons:

  1. This app allows you to swap faces of celebrities, friends, or fictional characters for entertainment purposes. You can have fun by creating funny or engaging content with this feature.
  2. Artists and creators can use video face swapping for various purposes. They can experiment with new storytelling techniques. They can create visual effects. They can add unique transformations to videos.
  3. Social media appeal is the ability to attract users who enjoy sharing edited content, starting trends, and participating in viral challenges. These users often create face-swapped videos to engage with others on social media platforms.
  4. As AI and deep learning algorithms get better, video face swapping is becoming easier and producing better results. This is attracting more users to try out the technology.
  5. Personalization lets people add their own face or loved ones' faces to videos from movies, music videos, or memes. This makes shared content more personal and unique.
  6. Video face swapping is popular on the internet. People like seeing familiar faces in new situations. This has led to many people using and enjoying this technology.

How to use a face swapping tool to change faces?

free video face swap tool——AISaver

AISaver is a highly convenient free video face-swapping tool that helps users effortlessly achieve face-swapping effects in videos. Using AISaver is straightforward: simply upload your video and the photo you want to swap faces with, and it will automatically complete the face-swapping process. This feature is not only fun but also adds creativity and entertainment value to your videos.

AISaver aims to provide users with a complete free video face-swapping process and a superior user experience. It is designed to be simple and user-friendly, allowing users to easily get started.

free video face swap

How to use AISaver to swap video face for free

1.Visit AISaver Website: Please open your internet browser and go to the AISaver website.

2.Select or Upload a Reference Video:You can directly select reference videos from AISaver or upload them yourself. AISaver provides a variety of reference videos with different styles that you can use directly. In addition, you can also choose to upload your favorite reference pictures.

free video face swap

3.Upload the Photo You Want to Swap Face:To achieve the best face changing effect, please upload a clear photo of your face.

free video face swap

4. Save and Share the Swap Face Video:After you've completed using the AI Face Swap feature, you can choose to either save the face swap video or directly share it on your social media accounts.

free video face swap

Considerations for using video face-swapping tools

When using free video face-swapping tools, it's important to consider several factors to ensure responsible and ethical use:

  1. Consent: Always obtain permission from individuals before using their likeness in a face-swapped video, especially if it's for public sharing. Respect their right to control how their image is used.
  2. Accuracy and Integrity: Avoid using face-swapping tools to create deceptive or misleading content that could harm someone's reputation or misinform viewers.
  3. Legal Compliance: Be aware of copyright laws and intellectual property rights, especially when using videos or images of celebrities or copyrighted material.
  4. Privacy: Respect privacy rights by not using face-swapping tools in a way that invades someone's privacy or exposes sensitive personal information.
  5. Context and Sensitivity: Consider the context in which the face-swapping technology is used. Ensure it aligns with cultural sensitivities and ethical standards.
  6. Impact on Society: Be mindful of the potential societal impact of face-swapping technology, including its influence on perceptions of reality, identity, and trustworthiness.

Users can ensure responsible and ethical use of video face-swapping tools by following these guidelines. This will help reduce harm to individuals and society.


AISaver's video face swap tool revolutionizes video editing by enabling seamless face swapping in any video. Just upload your video, and AI automatically detects and executes the face swap. Whether you want to be in a movie or make fun videos with family, this tool makes it easy and fun.

AISaver's video face swap tool is perfect for sharing on social media or creating unique personalized gifts. It has an easy-to-use interface that allows for endless creativity.