Free Video Cutter Online

Trim the necessary part of your video

Fast Video Cutting

The tool enables you to adjust two markers to define the start and end of your clip. It only takes a few seconds!

Supports Any Video Format

The video trimmer supports all popular formats, including AVI, MP4, VOB, MPG, MOV, and more.

Completely Online

You don't need to download or install anything on your device, that is not only faster but also more secure.

High Level of Security

Only you can access your uploaded files because the tool uses premium online security.

Additional Settings

With Clideo you're free to convert your video to any desirable format along with the editing.

User-friendly Interface

You don't need special video editing skills to use the tool, it's completely intuitive.

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More uses of video cutter and joiner

Cutter Video for social

You can crop your videos for social media with just one click! Don’t spend hours cropping each video for every social platform—use AISAVER's handy preset canvas sizes to crop one video for multiple platforms in seconds. Simply select ‘Instagram,’ ‘Snapchat,’ ‘YouTube,’ ‘Twitter,’ ‘Pinterest,’ or any platform from the Settings Menu, and watch as your video is automatically cropped to fit each platform perfectly. Repurpose your video content for all your social accounts. AISAVER is the best and most intuitive online video cutter and joiner!

Works in your browser

AISAVER’s video cropping tool works inside your browser, so it doesn’t matter what your device is. You can access AISAVER’s video cropper online—on desktop or mobile. Use Magic Cut to let our artificial intelligence splice the perfect video from your clips. No need to download software. AISAVER is an all-purpose online video cutter and joiner that works anywhere!

Effortless Video Cropping

Cropping a video is easy with AISAVER. Simply click on the video’s image and drag the corners or sides. It’s that easy! You can manually crop out a specific part of the video’s image, or you can crop the video automatically by heading over to ‘Settings’ and selecting one of our preset canvas sizes from the dropdown menu—Facebook Covers, Instagram Stories, LinkedIn Landscape & Portrait, and more!