8+ Instagram Reels Downloader Extensions for Free [2024]

8+ Instagram Reels Downloader Extensions for Free [2024]

In the rapidly evolving world of social media, Instagram Reels has emerged as a popular feature, allowing users to create and share short, engaging videos. But what happens when you stumble upon a Reel that you absolutely love and wish to save for offline viewing or sharing?

That’s where Instagram Reels downloader extensions come into play! In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore what Instagram Reels are, how to download them, and introduce you to 8+ free Instagram Reels downloader extensions that you can use in 2024. Whether you’re a casual scroller or a content creator looking to curate a collection, these tools are sure to enhance your Instagram experience.

What is Instagram Reels?

What is Instagram Reels?

Instagram Reels is a feature within the Instagram app that allows users to create 15 to 30-second video clips set to music or other audio. Launched in August 2020, Reels quickly gained traction as a creative outlet for individuals and brands alike to express themselves and reach new audiences.

With a range of editing tools, such as AR effects, speed controls, and the option to align multiple clips for seamless transitions, Reels provides a platform for creativity and storytelling. Moreover, Reels can be shared on the Instagram feed, featured in the Explore section, and even discovered through hashtags, making them a vital part of the Instagram ecosystem.

How to Download Instagram Reels?

While Instagram allows you to save Reels within the app, it doesn’t provide a native option to download them to your device. This limitation can be circumvented by using third-party tools and extensions. Here’s a general step-by-step guide on how to download Instagram Reels using downloader extensions:

Install a reputable Instagram Reels downloader extension for your web browser from the extension store or official website.

  • Download and save videos from any website.
  • Saves any media type,including MP4, FLV, F4V, HLV, WEBM, MOV, and MKV.
  • Easy and free online video download.
  • No ads and no limits.
  • Download multiple versions in HD & SD and 4K from many popular video websites!
  • Download videos in 2k, and 4k resolution and enjoy the high-definition videos.
  • Support m3u8 download.
how to download Instagram Reels

Navigate to the Instagram Reel you wish to download.

Click the download button on Instagram reel.

The extension will typically provide you with a download button or link on the Reel’s page.

how to download Instagram Reels

Click the download button, and the Reel will be saved to your device’s designated downloads folder.

Note: Always ensure that you respect the copyright and privacy of the content creators when downloading and sharing Instagram Reels.

8+ Instagram Reels Downloader Extensions for Free

  • Video Downloader Professional - The fastest and easiest video downloader to download videos from any website.
    • Video Downloader Professional is an extension where you can download videos from any web. After installation, the icon will appear on the video . Click the icon to download the video you like.
    • Browser extension developed by AISaver, you can also download Instagram Reels online through AISaver.
  • Mass. Downloader for Instagram- Download all Stories, Photo, Video, Reels.
    • Most advanced multitool for mass downloading Posts, Stories, Highlights and Reels. Downloading is available with three options:
      • within set posts range;
      • within set timeframe;
      • posts selected by user.
    • Available downloading options are shown on each page. Now mass download of Reels is available, as well as mass download of Posts found by geo or hashtag.
  • Downloader For Instagram - Opens popular social network in one click and allows to save video file or image from a website.
    • Allows to save photo, image, video from the popular social network. Simply save the content that is in a common access. Quick access to the website to review news feed. Easily open direct messages just with one click. It's a great tool for website lovers who want to stay in touch with friends as well as review the news feed.
  • Turbo Downloader for Instagram - Download photos, videos and Reels from Instagram.
    • Turbo Downloader for Instagram adds a button to every Instagram post, Reel, and Story so you can quickly and easily download anything while browsing Instagram. The “Download All” button added to Instagram accounts lets you bulk download all their posts in one click.、
  • Ultra. Downloader for Instagram - Download Stories, Photos, Videos and Reels from Instagram en-mass or one at a time.
    • Ultra extension enables it's users to download any Instagram Stories, Photos, Videos or Reels from instagram.com.
  • ESUIT | Photos Downloader for Instagram™ - This extension allows you to bulk-download all photos from Albums or Reels.
    • Download photos, videos and Reels from IG.Story Saver for Instagram, bulk download whole tagged photos or reels! Allows to save photo, image, video from the popular from IG.
  • InSaverify | Web for Instagram™ - Fastest way to use Instagram with all functions right from your browser. Upload/download stories or IGTV and more.
    • With this app for Instagram you can now:
      • Upload photos or videos - Direct Messages (DM) are fully supported for Desktop version Instagram
      • Open / Download photos and videos in full HD - Everything you can do normally on your phone on the Instagram mobile website (like, follow, comment, browse, ..)
      • This app for Instagram requires only the minimal permissions required to work to improve your security.
      • IGTV download is also supported. Now you can shoot fresh videos without time limits and share them on Instagram directly from your computer.
  • Simplify. Downloader for Instagram - Advanced toolkit for single and mass download of Photo, Video or Stories from instagram.com
    • Download any Photo or Video from feed or any profile page;
    • Mass download of all Photos and Videos from a selected user. You can chose how many files you want to save to your PC. It helps you to save many files at a time;
    • Download Stories, one-by-one or all at once;
    • Download tagged Photos or Videos, one-by-one or all in one click; New feature: Now you can download multiple Reels in one click. It works on a user page, common Reels tab and on Saved.


Instagram Reels has become an integral part of the Instagram experience, offering a dynamic way to create and consume content. As the need to download and save these Reels grows, so does the array of Instagram Reels downloader extensions available for free.

By utilizing these tools, you can effortlessly expand your personal Reels library and enjoy your favorite clips anytime, anywhere. Remember to use these extensions responsibly and to respect the original content creators’ rights. With these 8+ Instagram Reels downloader extensions at your disposal, you’re all set to elevate your Instagram experience in 2024 and beyond.Remember to always follow legal guidelines and obtain permission when necessary, especially if you plan to repurpose the content for your own use. Happy downloading!