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Discover the top 5 free video face swap tools in 2024! These popular and privacy-conscious tools like AISaver and Remaker AI are perfect for swapping faces in videos. Learn how to use AISaver for a quick face change in just 5 minutes. Don’t miss out on these amazing tools!


The concept and popularity of face swap tools

Face swap tools use technology to switch one person's face with another in photos or videos, making it look like they've swapped faces. This can be funny or entertaining.

These tools are popular because they let people have fun by imagining themselves or others in different roles, like swapping faces with famous people. They're easy to use and widely available, making them a hit on social media and with creators. In general, face swap tools are a fun way for people to play around with visuals, make amusing content, and share light-hearted moments.

face swap video free

Video face swap tool respects privacy

Free video face swapping tools, when used responsibly and ethically, can respect privacy. When using these tools, it is important not to infringe upon the privacy or consent of others. Here are several ways to ensure respect for privacy when using video face changing tools:

  • Obtaining consent: Always obtain the consent of the relevant person before using someone else's face for a video face change. Especially if you plan to publicly share videos or use them for commercial purposes, this is particularly important.
  • Restricted sharing: Avoid sharing face changing videos containing other people's faces without their permission. If you want to share a video, please ensure that the relevant personnel are comfortable with it and protect their privacy.
  • Pay attention to the environment: Consider using a face changing environment. Avoid using it in a way that may harm or embarrass someone. Respect their dignity and privacy.
  • Delete video when no longer needed: After using the face changing video, delete it from the device or storage. This can ensure that the video will not be accidentally shared or abused in the future.
  • Understanding laws and regulations: Familiarize yourself with the privacy laws and regulations in your region. Ensure that the use of video face changing tools does not violate any laws.

Remember, privacy is a fundamental right, and responsible use of video face swapping tools is crucial for respecting this right.

100% Free 5 online face swap video tools

Free Face swap videos have become increasingly popular due to their fun and creative nature. If you're looking for free online tools to swap faces in videos, you're in luck! Here are 5 completely free face swap video tools that you can use right now:

AISaver is a very convenient free video face changing tool that can help users easily achieve the face changing effect in videos. Using AISaver is very simple, just upload your video and the photo you want to swap your face, and it will automatically complete the process of video face changing. This feature is very interesting and can add some creativity and entertainment to your videos.

In addition to the video face changing function, AISaver also provides a video download function. It supports downloading videos from over 1000 websites, including Vimeo, YouTube, Tiktok, Instagram, and more. This means that you can easily save your favorite online videos through AISaver for viewing or sharing without a network connection.

The goal of AISaver is to provide users with a complete free video face swap process and a better user experience. It is designed with simplicity and a user-friendly interface, making it easy for users to get started. Whether you want to add some fun to your creations or create interesting social media content, AISaver can help you achieve it.

face swap video free

Remaker AI

Remaker AI provides a range of AI-powered tools designed to facilitate face swapping in both photos and videos. Whether you need to swap faces in a single image or across multiple visuals, Remaker AI simplifies the entire process. The platform offers free access to basic face swap tools, including the ability to swap faces in videos for free. For more advanced features, users can access additional tools and functionalities through paid credits.

face swap video free


AKOOL offers a free face swap video tool that revolutionizes the marketing industry. With this cutting-edge technology, your marketing team can effortlessly generate captivating advertising campaigns in minutes. Our industry-leading Generative AI platform allows innovative companies to transform stock images into personalized visual marketing adverts for commercials, social media content, and e-commerce platforms. Say goodbye to the high costs of hiring an experienced graphic designer, as AKOOL’s face swap video tool provides the same quality at no cost. Embrace the future of marketing by creating personalized advertisements for your customers and selecting demographics using our studio-quality Generative AI tool for your next project.

face swap video free

Face Swapper

Facеswappеr is an onlinе tool that allows usеrs to swap facеs in photos and vidеos. It is availablе on cеll phonеs and computеrs, simply by visiting thе wеbsitе.

Usеrs can start thе procеss with six frее crеdits, and thе spееd of procеssing is vеry fast. Additional 10 crеdits arе offеrеd whеn a usеr signs up for an account. It is еasy to usе and no prior еxpеriеncе is nеcеssary, as it only rеquirеs a simplе onе-click facе swap.

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Vidnoz is a revolutionary video creation platform that utilizes cutting-edge AI technology to offer a face swap video free feature. By leveraging intelligent automation, Vidnoz enables users to effortlessly and rapidly create videos with face swapping capabilities. This innovative tool allows users to seamlessly replace faces in videos, resulting in engaging and entertaining content. With Vidnoz’s user-friendly interface and comprehensive features, anyone, regardless of technical skills or financial resources, can create professional-looking face swap videos at no cost. This makes Vidnoz the go-to platform for media teams, businesses, and individual creators seeking to save time and money while achieving exceptional results.

face swap video free

How to use AISaver to complete a face change within 5 minutes?

Using AISaver to complete face swap video free only requires a few simple steps and can be completed in 5 minutes. Firstly, make sure you have opened the official website of AISaver.

Step1:Click “Face Swap”

After entering the official website, click the "Face Swap" button in the navigation bar to watch a free video of face swapping.

face swap video free

Step2:Upload videos&photos

Select an existing video, or upload a video of yourself wanting to change your face, and then upload a photo of the face that needs to be changed.

face swap video free

Step3:Click“Swap Now”

After uploading the video photos, you can click "Swap Now". The shortest time is 10 seconds, and the longest is only five minutes to get the video you want.

face swap video free


In conclusion, face swap videos are a popular and fun way to free swap faces in videos, and it's important to use tools that respect privacy. The 5 free face swap video tools mentioned - AISaver, Remaker AI, Aul, Face Swapper, and Face Tool - provide users with the ability to swap faces in videos without any cost. Among them, AISaver stands out for its simplicity and efficiency, allowing users to complete a face change within just 5 minutes. With these tools, you can easily create entertaining face swap videos while ensuring your privacy is protected. So go ahead, have fun swapping faces in videos with these free and easy-to-use tools!